After receiving his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC), Regenera Medical founder, Elroy Vojdani MD, IFMCP, began a very successful career as an Interventional Radiologist, diagnosing and treating complex, late-stage cancers and other extremely debilitating diseases.

While this experience gave him unique insights into how radiology testing is done and interpreted, his desire to stop disease before it reached the point of becoming a chronic illness remained at the core of his desire to practice medicine.

To get to the root cause of disease, in order to treat and not simply mask the causes, Dr. Vojdani left the hospital system and opened his own private functional medicine practice in Brentwood, California. In just a few months word spread from patients, who had previously gone from doctor to doctor in search of answers to their chronic illness, about the results they experienced in the care of Dr. Vodjani – who accurately diagnosed and treated their chronic medical condition by mostly prescribing very specific lifestyle changes, a customized diet and a specific combination of supplements.

Always striving to provide the best patient care, and having grown up in a medical lab with his father, Dr. Aristo Vodjani – known as the “Father of Functional Immunology,” Dr. Vojdani took to the lab to curate a collection of exceptionally high quality supplements for his patients.

The result was the creation of a fine line of Regenera Medical dietary supplement that Dr. Vojdani has now made available to the public, so that more than just his own patients can access supplements with supreme ingredients and blends.