How To Choose High Quality Supplements

How To Choose High Quality Supplements

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High quality supplements can be an important part of achieving and maintaining your health goals. 

There are so many supplements available in store and online it begs the question – how do you know which supplements and vitamins are right for you? And, once you’ve determined what supplement you want to take, how do you know which brand is made up of high quality and effective ingredients?

Here’s our guide to choosing the right high quality supplement for you.

 Why Take Supplements?

 The most common reasons someone might want to take supplements include:

  • Age – as you age your risk of certain vitamin deficiencies, like vitamin D, increases.
  • Medical conditions – some medical conditions can cause nutrient deficiencies.
  • Food allergies – those on a limited diet due to allergies can lack the ability to get necessary vitamins from the food they eat.
  • Type of diet – similar to those on restrictive diets due to allergies, certain diets don’t provide enough of some of the vitamins necessary to be healthy. For example, it can be difficult to get enough vitamin B12 from a vegan diet.
  • Medications – some medications may inhibit the absorption of particular vitamins from food, so you may wish to add supplements.
  • Improved health – there are supplements available for improved brain wellness, gut health, heart health, immune support and more 

If you are unsure which type of supplements you should be taking, please contact your healthcare provider.

How To Choose High Quality Supplements 

Now that you know why you might need to take supplements, how do you figure out which brand has high quality supplements? Here are four important considerations:

1.  Consider the cost


Supplements can get quite pricey, so it’s important to look for a price that works for your budget. Make sure you consider the long term – is this supplement something you plan on taking for the foreseeable future? Don’t go for the cheapest supplement on the shelf either – if the supplement is really low-cost, it may contain a large volume of additives or low-quality ingredients. 



2. Check the dosage


More is not always better! It’s important to select a supplement that has the right dose for you. Too much of certain vitamins can harm your health. A medical practitioner can help you determine exactly how much of each active ingredient is necessary on a daily basis for you to reach your health goals.

3. Read the ingredients


It’s important to always read the ingredients of any supplement. If there is an ingredient you don’t recognize, research it to make sure it’s not an unnecessary additive. Low quality supplements are often full of unnecessary additives which may block your body from absorbing the active ingredients. 

Check to make sure the supplement includes a ‘free from’ list, which includes unnecessary additives like gluten, wheat, lactose, eggs, soy, tree nuts, GMOs, artificial preservatives and artificial colorings. 

4. Be aware of bold claims


Watch out for any supplements that make bold claims, like curing a disease, building muscle or burning fat. Any supplement that sounds too good to be true likely is.


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